How To Completely Backup Android Without Root

How to completely backup android without root: If your android device store a lot of important data and applications, you are recommended to always make a backup. In order to make a complete backup, you need to grant full root access on your device. Titanium backup is one of the best backup application for rooted device. Still, full backup without root is available with some great applications.

Helium (previously known as Carbon) is one of the best backup and app sync tool for android device without root access. Both free and premium for Helium is available for download. Helium can backup all your android apps and data into SD card, PC and cloud storage (Premium). Restore is simple by a single click. Besides that, you can set a daily backup schedule on your device, automatic backup will run after the schedule is set. It is handy, efficient and quick backup and restore applications.

Helium: How To Completely Backup Android without Root

  1. Download Helium from Google Play into your device.
  2. Download Helium Desktop Applications into your computer. (Windows, Mac and Linux)
  3. Open Helium on both your android devices and computer.
  4. Connect both of them with an USB cable. (Compulsory for first time)
  5. Ensure your android devices are detected by computer.
  6. Select apps to backup and press Backup.
  7. Select Backup Destination.
  8. To restore, select Restore and Sync tab.
  9. Select apps to restore and press Restore. 

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