How to Backup Personal Data on Android Devices

Backup personal data is always recommended whenever modification on your Android device is performed such as root, install custom recovery, flash custom rom and etc. This is to ensure your precious data in the device can be recovered whatever happened on the device during the modification process. These personal data includes contacts, emails, SMS, applications, saved accounts & passwords, internet browser settings, games record and etc. This tutorial is applied on any non-root Android device which more advanced backup method such as NANDROID backup is not available.

How to Backup Personal Data on Android Devices

Synchronize Personal Data to Gmail Account

For every Android devices, a simply integration / synchronization to your Gmail is available whereby you can backup personal data directly to associate Gmail account. Here is the steps to activate Backup feature.

  1. First, you need to add a Gmail account. Go to “Settings”->“Accounts” and followed by “Add account”.                 Settings
  2. Key in your Gmail account and password.                                                                                                                    Add Gmail Account
  3. Go back to “Settings” in your phone.                                                                                                          Settings_thumb.png
  4. Go to “Backup and Reset”, and check “Back up my data”. Your personal data will be synchronized to Gmail account. Backup and Reset

Backup using Gmail account will not backup everything in your devices, you may need to manually backup others data such as song and pictures. Thanks to Android apps developers and you can now actually perform a complete backup using Helium.

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