Backup SMS and Restore on Android Devices

Your phone must have stored plenty of precious messages from your beloved, family or friends which you could not lost them for any instance. Backup SMS is one of the essential steps for frequently flash or installation of new ROM on your Android device as a clean installation may require to wipe all your data included text messages. With the consideration of this concern, we are always recommend to back up text messages / SMS into a safe place such as your computer or external micro SD card on your device.

SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup & Restore is a free Android app that you are easily download from Google Play Store. It serves to back up SMS Messages in XML format, whereby you can simply restore to your Android device using this app. SMS Backup & Restore provide the option to restore all SMS messages or only selected conversations from one phone to another. Now, you may follow the steps below to backup SMS into a internal storage.

How to Backup & Restore SMS Messages on Android Devices

1, Download SMS Backup & Restore from Google Play Store.

2. Launch the SMS Backup & Restore app on your Android device.

sms backup & restore step 1

3. Press on “Backup”, a new windows pop up required to choose the location of backup XML file.

sms backup & restore step 2

4. After choosing the location of XML file, rename the XML file according to your preference. Press “OK” to continue.

sms backup & restore step 3

5. Once backup process is completed, a summary will be shown.

sms backup & restore step 4

6. To confirm the backup is successful, Press “Restore” in the main windows. Try to locate the XML file that created in Step 4.

restore sms

Now, you should have back up all SMS messages in single XML file and to be restored when needed.

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