How To Enter Fastboot Mode For Sony Xperia Devices

Fastboot, is a diagnostic protocol for Android device to modify the flash file system from computer with USB cable. In device fastboot mode, developers or users can give fastboot command to control the android device. As a beginner, you may always see the instruction from forums or tutorial instructions on the need to boot into fastboot mode. Due to variety of models in the market, enter fastboot mode could be difficult. In this post, we would share with you how to enter fastboot mode for most of the Sony Xperia devices. Sony Mobile has developed and prepared a list of devices on how to enter fastboot mode of your Sony Xperia devices.

For Xperia devices, to enter fastboot mode, you need a USB cable and a computer. Unlike Samsung devices, you do not need any USB cable or computer.

How To Enter Fastboot Mode For Sony Xperia Devices

  1. Firstly, you need to know your Sony Xperia devices model.
  2. Check device model – Go to Settings -> About Device -> Model Number
  3. Find your model from the list below.
  4. Find the fastboot button for your Xperia device. (It could be Search, Menu, Volume Up button)
  5. To enter fastboot mode, press and hold the Fastboot button and connect your device to a computer with USB cable.
  6. You should see blue color LED light up if you successfully enter fastboot mode.
  7. Try again if you fail to enter the fastboot mode.

Fastboot Button For Sony Xperia Devices

Fastboot Button For Sony Ericson Xperia Devices

[via SonyMobile]
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