Xperia S LT26i: Update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Official Firmware 6.2.B.1.96

Another update for Sony Xperia S LT26i but still not the most anticipated Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean official firmware. Nevertheless, this incoming update will fix major bug in the previous Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.211 firmware. This 6.2.B.1.96 firmware is confirmed in Nordic regions, Sweden, India, Taiwan, Brazil and Spain. You can now update to the latest Jelly Bean firmware through OTA or Sony PC Companion according to the instruction below. Or else, you may not receive the update notification at this moment, but you still can update manually using Sony Flashtool. It is safe and will not void the warranty of your device so be confident to do so.

This 6.2.B.1.96 firmware update is 485MB in size and it’s an official Jelly Bean firmware release by Sony Mobile, you can either choose to update it via OTA, Sony PC Companion/Sony Bridge or manual update if you can’t wait any longer. In this entry, we will cover all these 3 methods. You do not need to erase your phone data with upgrade above. However, it is recommended to do a factory reset on your devices if you found errors, force close, or application compatibility issue after upgrade. In worst case, you are still able to revert your device firmware back to previous firmware version.

Sony Xperia S is officially unveiled in January 2012 and available in the market starting February 2012. Xperia S is equipped with dual core 1.5GHz Qualcomm MSM8260 Snapdragon processor, 1GB RAM, 32GB internal storage without micro-SD expansion, 12MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera. It is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread out of the box and upgraded to latest Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean recently.

Xperia S 6.2.B.1.96 Firmware Changelog

  • 1080p HD Video Lag is fixed now
  • Volume Up button lag fixed.
  • Long pressing Home button launches Google Now.
  • AnTuTu score has increased to 8917 from 8380 ( in Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.211 firmware update ).
  • Screen not lightning bug fixed.
  • All camera bugs fixed.
  • No Stamina Mode yet :/ Only Extended battery mode added as before.
  • Pressing home button twice launches recent apps and small apps.
  • Wi-Fi working fine in India, can’t say about Syrian users who were complaining a lot.
  • 685 MB RAM available, no increase. But more FREE RAM now.
  • MMS pictures bug fixed.
  • Home launcher not redrawing anymore, please wipe data for it.
  • No lags in keyboard, it’s good now.
  • Camera app taking a bit time to launch.
  • Camera Focus improved as compared to Jelly Bean 6.2.B.0.211 firmware update.
  • No more false warning of Stamina Mode when battery reaches as low as 14%. (Source)

How To Update Sony Xperia S to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Official Firmware 6.2.B.1.96

We have total 3 ways to update your devices officially. They are update via OTA (Over-The-Air), update via Sony PC Companion for Windows/Sony Bridge for Mac and manual update via Sony Flash Tool. Update via OTA and Samsung Kies are the easiest ways for update yet you have to wait the release from Samsung (It could takes up to a month of waiting). Manual update with Odin is the fastest way to get latest update yet need some additional manual installation steps. We will cover all 3 update methods in our tutorial.

Disclaimer: It’s always a risk to modify your device. We, Android Teen are not responsible for any damage or bricks on your device. Your device warranty may void with any mod. Check your devices warranty’s term & conditions before start.(HTC,Samsung,LG, Sony, Motorola). Use this guide on your own risk, contact us for help if you face problem.

Pre-requisites & Requirements

  1. Sony Xperia S LT26i (Ensure correct device model and firmware;Check device model – Go to Settings -> About Device -> Model Number)
  2. Windows-based computer or laptop
  3. Download Sony Xperia S USB driver for Windows and install in your computer. Connect device to computer with USB cable to complete installation. Skip this step if you have installed the USB driver.
  4. Enable USB Debugging on your device. How to Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android Devices.
  5. Make sure your phone is charged to 60% 80% to avoid battery blackout and interruption during this tutorial.
  6. We recommend you make a backup on your data and media files before the tutorial. You may restore the data and files if necessary.

Reminder: Firmware upgrade should not delete your device data yet you may experience inconsistent performance after upgrade. Optionally, we recommend you to make a backup and do a clean upgrade. Ensure you meet the requirements before proceed. Contact us if you face problem.

Choose Your Update Methods:

Instructions: How To Update Sony Xperia S to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean via OTA

  1. Ensure you have stable internet connection (Wifi or data network) on your devices.
  2. Power up your device, go to android apps drawer, select Settings.
  3. Under Settings menu, select About phone under System.
  4. Select Software update under About phone.
  5. You should see an update available, press OK to download and install. (Caution: Download with 3G will incur additional charges to your phone bill!)
  6. Your device will reboot automatically and complete installation.
  7. If you see “The latest updates have already been installed”, you have to wait for Samsung to release the OTA update.
  8. Check out manual updates which give you the fastest and latest firmware update.

Instructions: How To Update Sony Xperia S to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean via Sony Companion / Bridge

  1. Ensure you have stable internet connection on your computer.
  2. Download and install Sony Companion for Windows / Sony Bridge for Mac on your computer.
  3. Power up your device and connect it to computer with USB cable.
  4. Open up Sony Companion / Sony Bridge on your computer.
  5. Wait for Sony Companion / Sony Bridge to detect your device.
  6. You should able to see New Firmware Upgrade is available at the home of Sony Companion / Sony Bridge .
  7. Press on Firmware Upgrade button to proceed.
  8. Check the box to agree all the T&C about the upgrade and Press Start Upgrade to proceed.
  9. Wait download and installation to run. Do not disconnect your device at this moment.
  10. You should see your device running upgrade and reboot automatically.
  11. Upgrade is complete. (Check device firmware – Go to Settings –> About Phone–> Android & Baseband version)
  12. If you see “Your phone/tablet is up to date” in Sony Companion / Sony Bridge, you have to wait for Sony Mobile to release the update via Sony Companion / Sony Bridge.
  13. Check out manual updates which give you the fastest and latest firmware update.

Instructions: How To Manual Update Sony Xperia S to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean via Sony Flash Tool

If both OTA and Sony Companion / Sony Bridge updates do not work for you, follow tutorial below to manual update your device with Sony Flash Tool.


  1. Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware for Sony Xperia S 6.2.B.1.96 ( | 815 MB)Source
  2. Sony Flashtool (flashtool- | 112.77MB)


  1. Download Sony flashtool into your computer. Double click on the flashtool.exe file to install. You should see a flashtool folder in C Drive.
  2. Double click on flashtool icon in the folder mentioned in Step 1 to launch flashtool (either is FlashTool or FlashTool64.exe)
  3. For first timer, navigate to C:\Flashtool\drivers folder to install “Flashtool-drivers”. Select and check the box of your device model and Flashmode Drivers.
  4. While your device is powered on, connect your device to computer with USB cable. Make sure all drivers are installed properly before start.
  5. Download *.ftf (Be careful to use the correct firmware on different models) and copy to C:\flashtool\firmwares folder in computer.
  6. On the flashtool, click on the lightning icon and click flashmode, then “ok”.
  7. You should see a new windows.
  8. At the right sidebar, check “Data, Cache, Appslog” boxes if you wish to wipe the device before flash. To remain your device data, uncheck all the boxes.
  9. At source folder, browse and choose “*.ftf ” in the flashtool/firmwares. *.ftf. 
  10. Press flash button to start flashing.
  11. Follow the prompt instructions.
  12. First, to unplug your device from PC.
  13. Second, power off your device.
  14. Third, enter to Flash Mode on your device by press and hold Volume Down button while connect your device with USB cable to computer.
  15. Forth, connect your device back to computer with USB cable. The screen display will still remain blank in dark.
  16. Monitor the Flashtool in computer. It should continue to run and flash the *.ftf.
  17. Wait until the flash process to complete. You should see “Flashing finished” from the flashtool.
  18. Power on your device and you shall now with new firmware.
  19. Check device firmware to ensure you have properly installed 6.2.B.1.96 firmware – Go to Settings –> About Phone–> Android & Baseband version.

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