Which projection screen to choose for your home cinema?


Do you care about the image quality of your home cinema? Then you need to get a high quality projection screen for your projector to enjoy a picture much better than simply projecting it on a whiteboard or wall. The best screen size will depends on personal preference and viewing distance. A common recommendation for viewing the distance is 1-1 / 2 times. There are two basic types of structure – fixed and retractable frame. Retractable screens can be motorized or manual.

When choosing the material, a few factors can help ensure the best match with your projector and room –

  • Colour screens are usually white or a little grey. Grey screens can increase contrast and provide deeper blacks.
  • Screens can reveal all the details in HD video up to 1080p.
  • Light rejecting projection screen can provide a clear, and colourful image even with the room lights on.
  • Acoustically transparent screens allow sound to pass through, so you can install the speakers behind the screen for a clean look.

Why does a screen work better than a wall?

A good quality screen increases the cost of a projector setup, but it can improves the image quality and overall enjoyment, allowing the cinema to deliver its full potential. The screen is considered an absolutely essential item for the project. What screen colour should you choose?

  • The colour of the fabric mainly affects the contrast of the projected image.
  • White screens are the industry standard due to the brightness.
  • White grey screens are better at handling darker tones.

What size of projector should you choose?

Space is the main limiting factor for projector screen. But the bigger screen is not always better. Projecting a very large image can produce an image with less than ideal brightness or a noticeable pixel structure. Your next consideration should be what the screen material is. It is important because the material is where you can choose something that works especially well with your projector and / or room.

Conclusion: Know about screen gain, important factor

The amount of light from your projector that is reflected back to viewers is called “gain”. Higher gain means more reflected light and a brighter image. To obtain different gain values, different vinyl canvas material coatings are used as the base. A higher gain can help to provide a brighter image. Required feature for very large screens or in rooms with significant ambient light.

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