What Is A Human Being in the History of Data and Numbers?


In the book written by Jarzombek, he studies the new interrelationship between an algorithm and a human. He believes that this should lead to a new discussion on what a human is.

What is a human?

What does God see as a human? God sees each of us as his child whether male or female. But that is not how our current environment sees us. For example, in the United States, we are a male or female but also, we are a plethora of numbers. For example, we are:

  • Our age – a number
  • Weight and height – more numbers
  • Address – again numbers
  • Birth date – more numbers
  • Social security number
  • Passport number
  • Voter Id number
  • State ID number
  • Driver’s license number

And the numbers go on and on. So, is this what a human is?

Internet changes

And on the internet, if you need to provide who you are how is that done? Usually with a phone number that the website or social network site can call to give you another number that you send back to them. We provide who we are with numbers. What happens if your phone number changes – are you really trying to hijack someone’s account – so they ask for more numbers.

Transformation program

Data futures is HESA’s transformation program that delivers the vision for a modernized and more efficient approach to collecting data or numbers, to deliver better output for a wider range of data users. They are working with stakeholders across the sector of futures defining the specifications before building, piloting and finally implementing a new live system. This data futures project provides a significant focus point for further enhancing the quality and capability of the higher education data landscape. It should develop a more efficient approach to collecting data, and to better deliver output for a wider range of data users.

This adds more to the history and theory of data.

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