Share data multiple times faster with Dell PowerEdge T140


The IT companies have gained much importance in recent times as the innovations and updating in technology is one of the keys to the success of any other business, nowadays. Whatever business you are in, if you have good technology with you, you can rule and make the most profit by gaining customer satisfaction with the use of technology.

The workload at IT companies is so much that they can’t just rely on personal computers to manage their work. Servers rather desktops are a real need in such IT companies.

What are the Servers?

  • A server is a computer or a computer program that delivers service or data to its clients.
  • Servers are helpful in managing various network resources, over a network connection.
  • Servers can fetch data faster than desktops. This is why they are considered ideal for IT Company or other businesses with a lot of workloads.
  • The main purpose of the server is to accept and store data and then transfer the files to other computers on the network.

Various IT companies make use of tower servers, blade servers, rack servers to work with ease and convenience. A tower server like Dell PowerEdge T140 can be a good choice for a small business to manage its data in a faster way.

What is a tower server?

A tower server is the most basic type of server which is ideal for a limited number of clients. It needs a good amount of space to be placed. A tower server resembles the CPU of a desktop as it also has a chassis to store the internal hardware stuff.

Features of Dell PowerEdge t140:

    • Entry level: This Dell tower server is a one socket server and is ideal for a growing business
    • Easy: This PowerEdge t140 is easy and convenient to use and manage the sharing of data and information.
  • Safety: Sharing data over this Dell PowerEdge t140 is safe and secure against any data breach.
  • Processor: PowerEdge 140 has got Xeon E-2124 3.3 GHz processor which is both efficient and reliable to handle the workload.
  • RAM: Dell PowerEdge t140 has got 8GB RAM which helps in faster sharing of data over a network connection.

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