Pay Per Click? Search Engine Optimization? A Long Term Marketing Solution Is The Solution


Pay per click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) have always been compared by business owners and online marketers since long time ago. Any experienced PPC consultant or SEO expert in Hong Kong are more than capable to inform you the following facts.

Hong Kong companies who start with using PPC may receive instantaneous results, while it may take several months to generate organic search traffic (through SEO). SEO gives HK businesses many times higher return on investment especially when the site is able by improving SERP rankings, while with PPC the companies need to keep pumping in large advertising budgets. With PPC you can place your ad above all the organic search results to receive clicks from potential customers, but it takes a lot of budget to maintain that high position.

PPC allows a business to quickly get the website on the paid results of the search engines. The business can simply pay a fee based on how competitive the choice of keyword is whenever a user clicks through from the ad to the site of the business. Typical PPC advertising programs/platforms that Hong Kong businesses are using include Google Ads and Bing Ads. SEO is achieved by getting higher rankings in the organic search results (of Google, Yahoo, etc). The prerequisite is that marketers must implement the SEO best practices to their websites.

The fundamental work of SEO includes doing keyword research to uncover ranking possibilities,

working with your on-page content to integrate more keywords, working on the technical SEO elements of your site, developing structure of your site to make it is search engine friendly and mobile responsive, reducing the frictions to speed up the loading of your web pages, building natural and high quality links to your site, and more.

Investing in SEO early while you are drafting the business plan for your new website or your site revamp is a great way to ensure a strong future for your site and put a strong foot in your marketing effort for long term. It always takes time to get the positive results for SEO, but it will always make the difference between a low number of leads and a large number a couple months down the road.

One other thing to keep in mind is that Google has put much emphasis on authoritativeness. Users are all the same online in a way when it comes to consuming, sharing and linking to content. They prefer to learn a subject from the industry experts. Therefore when you want to do well with search engine optimization, you will need to establish you have in fact the expertise in your industry or your product. For small businesses or new businesses, Google may perceive them as lack the authoritativeness in the first place. It takes time and efforts to build up the expertise, but this will pay off very well at the end.

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