Make Easy Switching to New Samsung Smartphone with Samsung Smart Switch

Getting a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for yourself recently is the best moment of the day. With the larger 5.7” display on Galaxy Note 3, you can now experience better enjoyment in video, internet surfing and gaming on your Samsung device. Get starting with a new phone will be torturing as you may need to transfer all data from old smartphone to the new one. Being so considerate, Samsung introduce a simpler and easier software called Samsung Smart Switch with the capability of transferring content between Android/Apple devices with/without computer. Samsung Smart Switch is also compatible for transferring data from Apple iPhone to Samsung devices. This is pretty useful since more iPhone users turn over to Android platform. You may follow the tutorial video below to start backup your iPhone data in iTunes and transferring to your new Samsung devices using Smart Switch.

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The advantage of using Samsung Smart Switch is to transfer backup file from different platform such as Apple, Blackberry, LG, Nokia and Samsung to your new Samsung device in one simple step. Nevertheless, Samsung Smart Switch supports only newer version of these platform. For detailed information on compatibility, refer table below:

AppleiOS version 4.2.1 or higher
BlackBerryBlackBerry OS versions 6.0 or higher
LGAndroid Gingerbread or higher
NokiaSeries version 40 or higher
SamsungBacked up from Kies version 2.5.3 or higher

It is understand that different platform do provide vary of application which is not available in Google Play Store. In such case, Smart App Matching and Recommendation comes into the play to help you find the similar application in Android platform. This is to ensure an uninterrupted operation on your new device with all essential apps installed. At this stage, App Matching and Recommendation features is available on iOS devices only at launch (US market only). It is confirmed to be available for other platforms in the future.

Besides, you can install mobile version of Samsung Smart Switch on both old and new Samsung devices.  This offer fastest and safest way to transfer between Samsung devices without the need of computer. Data transferred includes calendar, contacts, messages, video, photos and more. It’s the ideal method to migrate to new Samsung device from old one.

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If you want to know more about Samsung Smart Switch, visit Samsung Official Website.

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