Local Hong Kong Marketing: How A Digital Marketing Manager Should Plan?


Digital marketing (or internet marketing) combines a wide range of marketing strategies. It requires traditional marketing comprehension and an understanding of newer technologies. Digital marketers is expected understand the upside and downside of many different digital marketing channels and sources. This knowledge and experience have too often proved to be key when they develop their marketing strategy, for example for a local market (such as Hong Kong) or an international marketing campaign (which spans across multiple regions in Asia including Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, etc).

When it is for a local market, the marketer must understand the product he is selling and who exactly are the target customers. The different advertising strategies for Hong Kong digital marketing must appeal to different segments of the population. For example, social media is widely used by many people with different ages. Older users are more dependent on email. But the younger users are on Instagram. The marketer must do his best to match the product to the most relevant audience group.

When a small business is to develop its online presence in the local region (such as Hong Kong), it may involve everything from producing videos to creating the entire company website with product catalog. For example, the marketer may build the website quickly using WordPress and set up the required on-page SEO on the company website. The website should include and display the major products with all the important details (for users to decide whether they should buy the products). He may outsource the video production to a third party agency. He may hire a student to do the entry level social media sharing and posting on a regular basis. He may recruit a full time guy to learn everything about his company’s products and then write whatever content/articles that would support the rest of the marketing team. Even when none of the team member sits in and works from Hong Kong, the marketer can still make sure all the necessary works are getting done properly.

The company may put up ads to target the local Hong Kong audience. Analytics must be implemented on the website to track the results of the advertising campaigns. Based on the tracked results, the marketer will be able to identify what has been doing especially bad or good. Cut the bad ones, and expand the good ones. When the company spends more on the good results, more good results will come.

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