Does your website need a chatbot?


The recent surge in AI chatbots on websites has taken the online and digital marketing industry by storm. With the advancement of AI technology and a growing number of tech industries creating more advanced coding languages, more and more businesses are beginning to see the value in using a chatbot. They can be extremely useful tools for engaging with potential customers and encouraging a sale or helping the customer find out more information about the product or services.

So, what is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a virtual assistant, created by a computer program or piece of code that is used to communicate with potential customers or visitors to a website. It is essentially a communication or simulated conversation between a human user and artificial intelligence, a form of automated customer service.

Pros of having a chatbot on your website

 Users favor personalization, it is also a growing trend in the marketing industry that is helping to provide a more positive online experience.

 They can provide a level of sociability which many users may appreciate. The older generation, in particular, will often prefer asking questions and communicating with a form of customer service that can provide quick and straight forward answers. As it simulates a real conversation it could be considered a way to combat loneliness and provide a listening ear when a user is frustrated or needs help.

 Using a chatbot is cheaper than hiring a member of staff to engage with potential users. More than one user can interact with a chatbot in a different conversation, a human employee would not usually be able to divide their attention like this.

 Chatbots are faster at providing customer service. They can reply instantly, which in the current age where users can lead busy lives is usually greatly appreciated by them.

 Chatbots have a variety of uses and can be utilized at different stages of a user’s journey through a website; From the contact page, during the ordering process and even advertising.

Potential cons of using a chatbot on your website

Responses can be limited as chatbots will not always understand the style of language of users, this could frustrate customers and users if they cannot find the answer they need. You should evaluate the complexity of questions customers may be asking and decide if a chatbot could really provide the service they need.

A chatbot can be difficult to create and code. Particularly more advanced chatbots that can understand a wide range of responses. If you are not a developer, the idea of adding a chatbot to your site could seem daunting. Luckily there are many options available for businesses, like a free chatbot builder which handles the hard work for you!

To conclude, using a chatbot could definitely benefit your business and potential sales and even provide a more satisfactory user experience for your potential customers. Although they use a form of complex code, there are many useful tools to help you create a chatbot, including a Free Chatbot Builder.

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