Content, Web Development, And SEO – Aggregate The Efforts To Grow A Hong Kong Business


This often happens for Hong Kong business owners: You are running your local company, but do not know how to set up search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that will work for your business and will grow your sales numbers. Also, as a small biz owner in HK you have no one to implement all the SEO tactics on your company website or ecommerce site. Even when you can draft the items to be followed up, but you don’t have the expertise to understand what’s going on with Google’s algorithm updates from time to time.

Your internet marketing effort must follow a content strategy – In the content strategy, you will have a person to take the lead with creating the required content for the basic stuffs of your company website, for SEO, and for social media marketing. The content must be suitable for the local Hong Kong market and audience. You may use the help of a marketing specialist or marketer to plan the content that is required for your website and company blog.

You will need your web developer for the development of your company website and setup of your company blog for the Hong Kong market. The web developer will be able to implement also the SEO tactics (i.e. technical SEO, and coding that tends towards optimizing your company website’s SEO ranking on Google and Yahoo) by following the SEO plan.

For the above projects, you will need the consultation and advices from an experienced SEO expert – The SEO expert has to create the overall SEO strategies for every aspect of your company website and blog with Hong Kong local SEO in mind. This person will be the hub or central point to aggregate all the information and progress of the projects, and ensure the project details are implemented according to plans.

Benefit 1: Search Engine optimization (SEO) when it is implemented properly for your Hong Kong business website doesn’t simply get more visitors to your site. On top of that, the experienced SEO consultant is able to help bringing the right traffic to your company website that is suitable and can eventually convert into leads and sales for your business to grow revenue.

Benefit 2: When comparing other means of digital marketing or online advertising programs where you may each time a person clicks an ad and arrives at your website, SEO is not like that at all. Because of this, your company will certainly get higher profit margin than what you’d actually have expected and invested in the first place.

Benefit 3: The outcome (i.e. the improved organic search rankings on Google’s search results pages for your desired keywords) your HK company site has achieved through the SEO strategies and the implementation is going to be long lasting. Your business will benefit from this edge or advantage for quite some time before all your other local Hong Kong competitors can catch up.

Benefit 4: Being visible to users (using Google) also means that through proper SEO you have been building a great foundation your company’s brand name in Hong Kong.


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