How to Check if Your Samsung Galaxy Devices is Rooted

Getting a new device for yourself or family member is always the happy stuff. Most of you may choose to purchase a brand new Android devices from smartphone manufacturer’s retail stores or through network carriers. You will unlikely to receive defect unit from these trustable sellers but yet the different story for others who buy from second hand market. It might occur even through online shop with high reputation with you are not knowledgable to identify it.

It is understand that phone trading is very popular in the market nowadays. You can offer your phone to others with trading their phone in return. Of course, this trading is based on mutual agreement with term and conditions. Nevertheless, some may prefer Android devices with untouched boot loader and non-rooted. This is the tricky part where you need to carefully examine the phone before hand over your phone to complete the deal.

As today, we would like to share with you some useful information to check if Samsung Galaxy devices is rooted. There are plenty of methods to verify the status of your device and we are providing few of the easier for you. The guide below is applicable to any Samsung Galaxy devices including Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 etc.

Method 1: Check Binary Counter

Binary counter is included in every Samsung device and will be increased whenever root or flash custom rom is performed. By checking the binary counter status, it can be shown a Samsung device have been modified. First, you need to boot into Download mode. Powered off the Samsung Galaxy device, press and hold Power Button, Volume Down and Home Button. Then, follow by pressing Volume Up button to enter Download Mode. You shall see the binary counter status at top left corner. For rooted device, binary counter shall shows more than 1.

20130922 120726

  Example of rooted device

20130922 120603

Example of non-rooted device

This method is very useful when internet access is limited at the time you need to check root access. However, for an experienced users binary counter can be reset by using 3rd party software called triangle away. You may not verify the root status of Samsung Galaxy device using this method. Proceed to Method 2 for confirmation.

Method 2: Root Checker

Root checker is 3rd party application used to identify root access status of any Android devices. You can download Root Checker from Google Play Store for free. Open Root Checker on the Samsung Galaxy device, press on Verify Root Access. If your device is not rooted, you shall see the message “Sorry! This device does not have proper root access”.

Screenshot 2013 09 22 16 13 19

Else, you will see the message “Congratulations! This device has root access!”.

Screenshot 2013 09 22 16 24 04

After examined with both methods, you can now confirm if the tested Galaxy device is rooted. Do share with us if this post is useful for you.

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